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April 2020 Newsletter

Hello Friends!

Happy April! The birds are singing, grass is green again and the trees are budding. The Earth is warming up and it is like medicine to my soul! We are gearing up for the busiest growing season yet and are excited to see what God has in store! It is business as usual at the Homestead as we continue to work hard and get ready for our Share memberships to begin in May.

A look into our April:

*Farm Share 2020 Info

*Upcoming Projects and Tasks

*Community Garden

*Volunteer Work Opportunities

Farm Share 2020 Info:

Our Farm Share season officially starts in May! We only have 2 spots available for half shares - either full or half season. So if you are wanting to sign up, please do not wait because they will fill up quickly!

Upcoming Projects and Tasks:

We have SO much going on this month. Planting fruit trees, transplanting and direct sowing seeds, filling raised garden beds, tilling new garden plots, putting up fencing around the garden and expanding our chicken pasture. Not to mention giving the barn and feed area a DEEP cleaning! We are looking forward to a productive month that will set us up to roll into May!

Community Garden:

With the way the world has turned, it is weighing heavy on my heart that more people and families may not be able to eat if things to not return to normal soon. Because of this, I have prayerfully decided to triple our growing amount to expand for a community garden. Anyone that is able to come out and tend to it will gt first pickings. Share members will be able to pick for a friend, neighbor, coworker or family member. And of course, the majority of the food from this garden will go to the Boone County Food Pantry. Please share this info with your friends and families so together, we can feed those that we love so much!

Volunteer Work Opportunities:

With so many projects and planting happening this month, we sure could use extra helping hands! In exchange for your time, you are welcome to fresh eggs or baked goods available. There is plenty of space out here so we can keep a 6' distance from each other. Farm Share members that sign up for volunteer work throughout the season will receive a discount on their share membership.

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