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Food Preservation Workshop Registration

Food Preservation Workshop Registration

In this workshop, you will hands-on learn how to safely dehydrate, blanch and freeze vegetables, use a water bath canner, use a pressure canner and how to safely store dried goods (rice, flour, sugar, oats, etc) in bulk. We may lightly discuss some emergency preparedness as well. You will get to take home each of the items made in the class as well as some books to expand your food preservation library. 


This is a 6 hour class held in an outbuilding with a gravel floor. Please wear comfortable shoes, we will do a lot of standing. Seats and snacks will be available!


ALL WORKSHOP LOCATION: 6555 W 300 S, Jamestown IN 46147

If you have any questions, feel free to call/text or email us. 


John & Rachel McVay

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