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Poultry Butchering Workshop Registration/Deposit

Poultry Butchering Workshop Registration/Deposit

This is a non refundable DEPOSIT for the class. Full price of class is $90.00. Remaining balance of $45.00 is due at the beginning of class. If weather forces us to cancel, workshops will be rescheduled.


***If you are bartering items for payment, please contact us prior to registering for a discount code!!


The Poultry Butchering Workshop is held outside in a covered, gravel area. Comfortable shoes are required as we will be standing the entire time. Beverages (water, tea, lemonade) and snacks will be provided. Please bring a cooler to take your processed birds home in. We will be handling live animals, humanely dispatching and safely using sharp knives during the workshop. Everyone attending the class must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, for the safety of everyone attending. Children attending the class must be accompanied by a parent. We love younger children (have 4 of our own!) but please leave them at home because your undivided attention will be required.


WORKSHOP LOCATION: 6555 W 300 S, Jamestown IN 46147

If you have any questions, feel free to call/text or email us. 


John & Rachel McVay

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